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We are often asked who ‘Peter Barry’ is and if he is still at the company.

In fact, there never was anyone called Peter Barry. The company was set up by Peter Langridge & Barry Tonks back in 1983 who, possibly because they couldn’t decide who to name the business after, just combined their Christian names. As they’ve both since moved on it can be confusing, but on the upside, it does make it easy to spot salespeople when they call the office and ask to speak to ‘Peter Barry’ or ‘Mr Barry’ – a regular occurrence.

Peter and Barry sold the business in 1991 to one of their employees, Keith Howard. He went on to run it successfully as a primary sales office for the following 9 years.

The current owner, Justin Burns, took over Peter Barry in 2000 and set up the Lettings department shortly afterwards. Both departments and the company as a whole have grown considerably over the last 15 years to become one of the leading agents in the area.

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Five Ways to Seal a Rental Deal

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Rent While You Search

With good properties in good areas still flying off the shelves, it always pays to be ahead of the game when it comes to making an offer. Regardless of whether you offer the asking price, canny vendors are all too aware of the other influencing factors these days. Some might have been stung in the past by wobbly chains that couldn’t take the strain and finally collapsed, or they simply want to know that the sale will progress as quickly as possible and are looking for the buyer in the best position to ensure this happens. read more

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