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We are often asked who ‘Peter Barry’ is and if he is still at the company.

In fact, there never was anyone called Peter Barry. The company was set up by Peter Langridge & Barry Tonks back in 1983 who, possibly because they couldn’t decide who to name the business after, just combined their Christian names. As they’ve both since moved on it can be confusing, but on the upside, it does make it easy to spot salespeople when they call the office and ask to speak to ‘Peter Barry’ or ‘Mr Barry’ – a regular occurrence.

Peter and Barry sold the business in 1991 to one of their employees, Keith Howard. He went on to run it successfully as a primary sales office for the following 9 years.

The current owner, Justin Burns, took over Peter Barry in 2000 and set up the Lettings department shortly afterwards. Both departments and the company as a whole have grown considerably over the last 15 years to become one of the leading agents in the area.

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Market Update February 2017

After a year of enormous change both politically and economically in 2016, we entered 2017 more certain about many things and less certain about others. The next few weeks will see the British Government trigger article 50 and commence the formal process of leaving the EU.... read more

Market Update - October 2016

September was “back to school” month and I’m sure we have all noticed the increased traffic levels during the “school runs” at the start and end of the day. For many people it followed a property move that enabled them to access a particular school catchment area –one of the major factors in choosing a home. The property market was largely steady and is now settling into a more “normalised” pattern following the pre and immediate post Brexit furore. The real impact, if there is to be one, of Brexit is likely to be some three years away when our exit from Europe will actually takes place and it looks as though the market will conform to the usual drivers of supply and demand, affordability and availability of money in the interim. read more

Join us! - Peter Barry are hosting a local coffee morning on 23rd & 24th September 10am - 2pm

Raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support by eating cake and drinking coffee! – Join us: Friday 23rd September & Saturday 24th September read more

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