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Oakwood park

Wednesday, 8th April 2009


Author: Peter Barry

Oakwood Park offers something for every one.  As you enter the park from the Prince George Avenue end you will see the Pitch & Putt kiosk offering the hire of both the equipment and the course for an enjoyable game of golf.  Veering right, a short walk past the 6 tennis courts takes you to the spacious and well equipped children’s playground.  The playground is over looked by the cafeteria which offers a selection of snacks and refreshments as well as toilet facilities.  Beyond the playground is a yachting pond for model boats enthusiasts and energetic visitors the park can make use of the basketball court.  

The park has many tree lined paths and large areas of grassland which are left as meadowland throughout the summer. Families can be seen flying kites, tossing Frisbees and playing ball games in the open spaces. Throughout the year visitors to the park enjoy walking, jogging, cycling, and dog walking.  

The Friends of Oakwood Park operate an Outreach Team which invites volunteers to take part in all aspects of park life including conservation, guided walks and countryside rambles.  The Outreach Team is very active at Oakwood Park and is currently undertaking a project to allow the yachting pond to become a naturalised area.  The pond attracts a variety of wildlife from water birds, newts and invertebrates.  The Outreach Team removes unwanted vegetation and replaces it with aquatic plants to aid oxygenation of the water.  The Outreach Team is also involved with conservation of the wildlife that inhabits the meadowland and is always looking for volunteers.