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Open for Business as Usual

Wednesday, 17th June 2009

Categories: Sales Lettings

Author: Peter Barry

You may have noticed that there are a few changes occurring to our office. Our old shopfront was removed last week and the temporary hoarding is now in place.

We will be having a shiny new shopfront and fascia installed over the coming days. Since we updated our branding earlier this year the shopfront and displays have started to look a bit dated so the new design will be very modern with full height glass panels and low level displays. It will also be very well lit so prepare to be dazled as you drive down Green Dragon Lane.

The shopfront is the only part of the office which was not renewed when we last refurbished back in 2003 so it is probably overdue. We are also updating the interior to the main office to make it more welcoming for visitors.

While work is going on we have shifted all our operations in to the back office and kitchen so although it may be a bit cramped we should be able to operate as normal. Should you need to visit while the work is going on you should come in via the back door. All being well we should be back to normal in around two weeks.

P.S. Our old fascia was put in a skip to the side of the building last week, including the chrome lettering PETER BARRY - which promptly disappeared. So expect to see as new business called something like BRAY PERTER open up in the local area over the next few weeks.