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Freebies for Movers

Saturday, 6th November 2010

Categories: Sales Lettings

Author: Peter Barry

It’s rare that we get something for nothing in life so I thought I’d tell you about a new company that sends a box of freebies to any tenant or buyer that moves in to a new property. The box is delivered to your door and contains the sort of products that you’re likely to need during those first few hectic days after a move.

I saw a sample box in the office this week and the contents included kitchen rolls, tea bags, coffee, milk (long life of course) and cleaning products. I was hoping for a few biscuits to go with the tea but alas no.
The box also contains quite a bit of bumph about services that you may or may not wish to use but they can go straight in the recycling bin if you’re not interested.

We had a quick chat about what else we would like to see in the box and came up with light bulbs (energy saving of course),  a couple of free mugs and a nice bottle of Merlot but that may be asking a bit much, anyway,  I’m sure the contents will be refined over time. We’ve talked in the office about putting something like this together for buyers but not had the time to organise it yet – hopefully we’ll get something sorted out for next year.

In the meantime you can order your Move Home Box by going to the website although we’ll do it for you if you’re buying or renting through us