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Are you showing your property at its best?

Friday, 11th February 2011

Categories: Lettings Property Management

Author: Peter Barry

Although the peaks and troughs of the property market continue to make headlines, the one trend that continues to rise is ‘expectation’- yours and your tenant’s.

Today we all desire facilities and equipment that suit our lifestyle so it’s important to remember that your potential tenants ‘wish list’ may look very much like yours!

Whoever your target tenant group is, clean, uncluttered, neutral and modern are all ‘first impressions’ that you need to create.

Equipment, fixtures, fittings, floor coverings, curtains and lighting should all be of a standard that you might choose to accept in your own home.  If you are providing furniture, make sure that you research your target tenant group before you buy.  Familiarise yourself with their taste and dress your property accordingly, you’ll be rewarded with reduced vacant periods, longer lets and good market rents.

When considering renting your property, take a step back and think like a tenant.

Rent is the controlling factor when it comes to letting. There is a price band for every style of property.  Any property will let if the price is right, to achieve the maximum rent a property needs to be in really tiptop condition in just the right location.

Whilst there is nothing you can do about the location of your property, to increase the chances of achieving the highest income you might need to consider improving the condition; perhaps redecoration or other refurbishment works.

It’s important to remember that there may be quirks about your property that you’re used to, but they won’t be acceptable to your tenants.  Few tenants want to live in a property that is clearly not looked after. Taking stock of your property, room by room is a good idea. Make notes of any jobs you have been saving for a rainy day and have them fixed, remember to check the garage and garden too.

What tenants will be looking for in your property:

  • Neutral colours for carpets and wall coverings are best.  Whites and creams will give prospective tenants a clean fresh impression.  Remember paint is easier to maintain than wallpaper.
  • Good quality carpets and curtains.  This is particularly important in an unfurnished property where they are much more noticeable when prospective tenants come to view.
  • A well equipped kitchen with an oven, hob and extractor, a fridge freezer, washing machine and microwave are expected- often a dishwasher and separate tumble drier too.
  • Bathrooms should have high quality fittings and be well lit.  Most tenants expect good thermostatically controlled shower facilities, tiled walls and hard floor coverings.
  • A tidy and well maintained garden or outside space
  • Plenty of wardrobe space in the bedrooms.  Provide integrated wardrobes if you can to create a feeling of space
  • Remember to remove any items that have sentimental value or that can’t be replaced.