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Wednesday, 1st February 2012

Categories: Sales Selling Tips

Author: Peter Barry

When you instruct an estate agent to sell your property, you might assume that you can switch off and wait for the offers to flood in. With a sought-after property in a very buoyant market, this might well be the case but, generally, you’ll need to do your bit to help your property hit all the right notes with the right prospective buyers.

Stay in touch

You need to keep in regular contact with your estate agent. If you’re jetting off to the sun for two weeks, a courtesy call will ensure they know you’re not going to be around. Likewise, if you’ve got guests staying for the weekend and don’t want viewings, then tell them – they’re not psychic. The same goes for queries, correspondence and legal matters: try and reply to calls or emails as quickly as you can. A buyer might have a few quick questions, the answers to which could prompt them to make an offer.

Spring cleaning

Whilst it might seem obvious that your house should look clean and tidy for viewings, it’s easy to become complacent after the first one or two, and let the property slip back into its regular disorder when potential buyers come round. No one expects your house to look like a show home but if people have to step over piles of clothes or toys to get in and out of rooms, they might miss some of the best features. You wouldn’t go to a job interview dressed in ripped jeans so don’t let your house down for the sake of a quick tidy.

Be honest

Don’t try and oversell the property to buyers. Of course, you want to concentrate on the best features of your house but that doesn’t mean you should get creative with the truth. If your property hasn’t been in the catchment area for the local school for five years, don’t say it has; and don’t tell buyers you love your neighbours if you’ve recently taken them to court over noise issues. Serious buyers will do their own research as well, so dishonesty will only lead to problems later on in the sale.

Be amenable

Try and accommodate last minute viewings, as far as possible. Remember, the estate agent is on your side and you never know which viewing will lead to an offer. If you can wait in to do a viewing yourself, or push the family out of the door and have a quick tidy at a moment’s notice, you’re giving your house every opportunity to be seen by as many people as possible.


Most people love pets; however when selling a home it is best to arrange to have the dog taken for a short walk or pop the cat out the back door.  Some people are uncomfortable with even the cutest animals making them nervous and fearful whilst distracting them from admiring the home you are selling.
Also disguise pet smalls and hide away their paraphernalia.

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