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A Little Garden Goes a Long Way

Friday, 29th June 2012

Categories: Sales Selling Tips

Author: Peter Barry

If you have a pint-sized garden, chances are you won’t be listing this as a key selling point when the time comes to put your house on the market. However, any outside space is valuable – particularly in London – and you need to maximise your garden for viewings, even if its proportions are little more than a postage stamp.

What you see is what you get

If potential buyers can’t see the exact dimensions of your garden then it’s going to be difficult to generate enthusiasm for your compact outside space. If the usable area is taken over with toys, gardening clutter or overgrown and neglected plants, you’re hardly giving the impressions that your precious patch of capital square footage is lovingly used on a regular basis. However, if your garden is well tended, the plants are healthy and the space is maximized, viewers will see that this small but perfectly formed space is a positive addition to the property.

Get in the zone

Every savvy seller knows about zoning for different areas of the house and within different rooms. The idea is to gently coax the viewer into seeing how they can use spaces and rooms on a daily basis. Well, the same rules apply to the garden. Keep storage confined to one area and keep things to scale – a small garden only needs a small shed or storage box, but it does need one. Likewise, barbecues and garden furniture should be kept to scale: there’s no point swamping your tiny deck with an oversised Aussie gas barbecue if you have no space left for seating.

Create a haven

No one wants to feel overlooked when they’re relaxing in the garden but it can be tricky to create a green oasis in a small square of paving. However, by choosing your planting carefully, you can create the illusion of privacy without compromising on valuable space. Pots are the small garden owners best friend, as they can be moved around to catch sunlight and you don’t need wide beds or big areas of lawn. Choose plants that produce thick foliage but don’t spread out too much, or evergreen bushes that will offer privacy all year round. Bamboo grows quickly and grows tall, whilst firs take up little in the way of ground space but can be used as a natural fence.

If your garden is well tended and carefully planned, it will be an asset to your home – whatever its dimensions.

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