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Changes that will maximise the Size of your Property

Thursday, 3rd May 2012

Categories: Sales

Author: Peter Barry

Everyone wants to achieve the most usable living space in their house. We’d all love a bigger kitchen, more entertaining space and more storage – the problem is, there’s only so much extending you can do on the plot of land you own. With space at a premium in London, housing tends to be high density, leaving little room for extension, unless you’re lucky enough to have a wraparound garden and planning permission to double the footprint of your house. So, how can you maximise the size of your house and what changes are likely to add the most value to your home?

Side return

If you don’t mind getting the builders in, then extending out into the side return is a good way to get more space for your buck. Most typical Victorian and Edwardian terrace houses have a usable side return. If you’re like most other homeowners, this slim piece of property real estate is most likely currently used as a glorified bike store or toy dumping ground. Extending your kitchen into the side return doesn’t therefore lose too much of your outside space but it can create a ‘wow factor’ kitchen that’s ideal for contemporary family living. These coveted extra few feet of space can transform a poky kitchen into a more spacious kitchen diner, or can add that dreamed-of utility or lounging area.

Loft extension

This is another obvious way to extend your current living space within the confines of your house footprint. Whilst you’ll still need to go through the regular channels and check whether your planned building work requires planning permission, a bog-standard bedroom and ensuite extension can be finished in around six weeks and can seriously maximise the size of your property – adding both value and living space. A good loft extension represents good value for money in terms of the space you’re adding to your property.


If you don’t have the money or the inclination to live in a building site for any length of time then there are still plenty of things you can do to maximise the space you have. Getting rid of your clutter will create the feeling of space and give you more room to move around. Storage is the answer and whether you choose to hire a carpenter for made-to-measure cupboards and shelving units, or whether you decide to run the gauntlet of flat packs, good storage can transform your property and open up the space.

Colour coding

If you’re handy with a paintbrush you can give the illusion of space by slapping a new coat of paint throughout your house. Light, neutral tones tend to make rooms look bigger and brighter. This is accentuated if you use a small palette of colours throughout the house, rather than switching between completely different shades in different rooms. Continuity adds to the feeling of space and a house that’s light, full of light and clutter-free will feel much bigger than one that is full of patterns and collectables.

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