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Treat your Garden like Another Room

Wednesday, 16th May 2012

Categories: Sales Selling Tips

Author: Peter Barry

When it comes to sprucing up your pad to put it on the market, you might think about a fresh coat of paint, hiding your clutter, and cleaning the windows – quick wins to make it look as though this is a much-loved house that has been treated with respect. However, in the rush to make your house buyer-friendly, you might not have paid much attention to your outside space.

An extra room

It’s sad but true that in the UK many homeowners treat their garden as a dumping ground for all those things that won’t fit into the house. It’s a utilitarian space that gets cluttered up with bikes, kids’ toys, tools and decorating equipment. The thinking being this being that, if and when a great British summer ever arrives, you can push the clutter to one side, clear off the barbecue and lug out a few dining chairs to make the most of the short-lived sunshine. But a garden – even the smallest patch of grass or decking – should be treated as an extension to your property. Living space is always at a premium so it’s crazy to simply ignore this extra ‘room’ that can be used and enjoyed all year round.

Good design

If you design your outside space well, your garden can be versatile, adaptable and practical, working as a kids’ play room, chill out zone, entertaining space or work space at any one time. When it comes to design, treat it as you would any other room in the house and think about the different ‘zones’ you want to include. In much the same way as you’d design a decent-sized kitchen/diner, you might want to consider the food preparation (barbecue) area, the dining (outdoor seating) area, the relaxation (lawn) area, storage (sheds) and display (plants and shrubs). Then you can decide which areas you want to place greater emphasis on. For example, if you’re a keen gardener, you might want to dedicate more space to plants and flowers; if you enjoy cooking you might think about a vegetable garden; or if you have kids you might decide to concentrate on green space.

Brave the elements

If a garden looks inviting and is treated with the same respect as any other room in the house, you’re more likely to use it. It will also make your house more appealing to buyers, when it comes time to sell. And with all the great gadgets and equipment on the market these days, you don’t need to give the weather a second thought. Pull-out awnings, sails, and patio heaters will protect you from the sun, rain or cold and you can enjoy al fresco living all year round.

You wouldn’t write off a room in your house for no reason, so don’t write off your garden. Whether you have a tiny patio or a 100ft lawn, treat your outside space as an extension of your inside space and you can create a garden that offers something for everyone.

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