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Have You Got Your Paperwork In Order?

Friday, 9th November 2012

Categories: Sales Selling Tips

Author: Peter Barry

After pondering the pros & cons of whether you should move or not, once you have made the decision to sell your beloved home there will be a number of things on your ‘To Do List’ to get your property ready to be marketed.

Once the front door has had a lick of paint, the front garden’s been weeded and the garage de-junked your home will be enticing to potential buyers.

But will your paperwork be as enticing? As soon as you accept an offer on your property your solicitor will require a list of documents from you; many of which can be prepared in advance.  

If you have extended your property you will need to provide documents from the Local Authority to show that planning permission was granted for the work and that it was signed off by the Building Inspector. You should have obtained a Completion Certificate to show the work was finished to the correct standard. If you do not have this, or you have mislaid the original, you can obtain a copy from your local Building Control Services.

If work was carried out to your property by previous owners you may have been supplied with relevant documents during your purchase so it is worth checking through your files.

If you have a mortgage on your property your mortgage lender will more than likely be holding your deeds but, if you live in a leasehold property, you should have been supplied with a copy of your lease. This document will answer many questions that potential buyers may pose. Once you have an agreeable offer your solicitor will obtain a Sellers Pack from your Freeholder or their managing agents which will contain vital information relating to maintenance of the building, service charges and ground rents. These packs could cost you in the region of £150 to £300. There is little point ordering this in advance as the information it contains could be out of date by the time you are progressing with an offer but bear this cost in mind and confirm the charges and contact details in preparation.

Lastly, have you considered your new purchase? As soon as you have decided to move sit down with your mortgage broker or bank to confirm how much you can borrow. There is little point setting your heart on that prefect abode when it turns out to be just out of your financial reach.

Your broker will be able to confirm your borrowing capacity and supply you with a Mortgage Arranged in Principle Certificate which you can show to estate agents to confirm that you are in a good financial position to help secure your next dream pad.