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Curb Appeal

Monday, 29th October 2012

Categories: Sales Selling Tips

Author: Peter Barry

Have you got so used to the dodgy latch on the front door that it’s become second nature to give the door a good kick to open it? Or perhaps the broken gate has been broken for so long that you just leave it permanently open now – vowing to fix it when you have a spare hour or two at the weekend…which never happens.

If you’re thinking of putting your house on the market then it’s time to roll up your sleeves, get your toolkit out and make sure the front of your property makes potential buyers swoon. If viewers have to push bins out of the way, or estate agents have to do battle with a dodgy door every time they’re showing someone round, you’ll lose valuable Brownie points – and that’s before interested parties have even made it inside the property.

Patch up the paintwork

It doesn’t take very long to add a fresh coat of paint to front walls, windowsills or lobbies but it will make all the difference when the viewings begin. Likewise, with weeds or dead plants in the front garden: a neglected entrance to the house gives potential buyers the impression that this lacklustre attitude to upkeep extends to the rest of the house. It will put them in a negative frame of mind before they take a step inside and they’ll automatically be on the lookout for faults with your property. A pristine exterior, on the other hand, shows that you care about every aspect of your house; you take pride in its appearance. This attention to detail will put buyers at ease as they will – rightly or wrongly – assume that you are fastidious about upkeep and repairs throughout the property.

Door furniture

It might sound crazy but your front door acts as a kind of calling card for the entire house. It’s the first chance that potential buyers have to assess the character of the property (and the seller). If you’ve spent money on a good-quality door with matching door furniture, it speaks volumes about the kind of finish people will anticipate on the inside of the house. Make sure your doorbell is in working order, and the fittings are clean and well secured. Choose a neutral colour for the door and give it a fresh coat of paint before viewings begin, if necessary.

At the end of the day, you should treat the outside of your house a bit like a property blind date: buyers have seen the details online or on paper, but this is the first time they’ve seen your property ‘in the flesh’ and first impressions go a long way.

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