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Don’t Write off an Ugly Duckling

Thursday, 18th April 2013

Categories: Sales

Author: Peter Barry

When it comes to buying a new home, there’s a lot to be said for making location a priority. However, what happens when you find a property that hits the mark when it comes to location but falls short on ticking the other boxes on your list? The answer is, don’t write it off just yet – it makes much more sense to give credence to purchasing an ugly duckling in your ideal street, than to put an offer on the perfect house in a less salubrious location.

A prime location will always be valuable in terms of re-sale, particularly if your hotspot happens to be in the catchment area for an outstanding school, close to good transport links, and has open spaces and other sought-after amenities nearby. Not all houses began life with open-plan living spaces, en suite bathrooms and landscaped gardens – at some point someone had to install them and, with a bit of love, patience and money, pretty much any house can be upgraded to include many of the items on your wish list. Obviously, you need some potential in your potential property – size, structural soundness, space to extend etc – but if you look beyond the tired façade, dated kitchen and neglected garden, there’s not much that can’t be achieved.

This is the obvious contender for turning an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Loft extensions can add extra bedroom and bathroom space, whilst extending the kitchen into the side return, or building out into the garden, can provide a super-size family living/dining area.

Landscaping the garden

You don’t need an acre of green space to create a decent garden that’s suitable for family barbecues and summer parties. Clever planning and landscaping can make any sized plot earn its keep and a well-tended garden will improve the looks of any house.

Exterior makeover
If you’re set on period properties but find a bland, brick fifties semi in the perfect location, there are a whole host of exterior decorators just waiting for your call. Cladding can transform the looks of a dreary exterior while a porch, contemporary lighting and new windows will all help to give your property some personality. Something as simple as a new front door will lift the whole exterior of a house and there are some stunning, modern designs on the market.

Whilst everyone wants to walk into a house and fall in love with it in five seconds, you’re more likely to find a property you can afford in your preferred location if you’re realistic. Use your imagination to view the house as it could look after a thorough makeover and it might well be your forever home.