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Ten Ways to Raise your Rental Game

Friday, 26th April 2013

Categories: Lettings Property Management

Author: Peter Barry

You don’t need to spend a fortune to make sure your rental properties is the one at the top of every viewer’s wiYou don’t need to spend a fortune to make sure your rental properties is the one at the top of every viewer’s wish list – just a few quick wins will keep voids to a minimum.

1 Light and bright
No one wants to feel like they’re living in a cave so anything you can do to accentuate the sense of space and light will add to the appeal of your property – replace drab curtains with light-coloured roller blinds, give the windows a good clean, and choose light floor coverings.

2 Fresh coat of paint
There’s nothing like the smell of freshly decorated rooms to put a tick next to a flat hunter’s list of requirements. Not only will the property look crisp and clean, but also any lingering odours from previous tenants will be banished.

3 Neutral does it
Repainting brings us to the next tip – always keep it neutral. You might love the idea of a burgundy living room or a turquoise kitchen, but you’ll be in the minority. You can’t go wrong with a contemporary shade of white (magnolia need not apply).

4 If it’s broke, fix it
Broken furniture, chipped crockery and dented woodwork are a real turn-off for potential tenants – it’s a sign that you don’t care, and that’s not going to instill a great deal of confidence. Repair or replace broken or damaged furniture and you’ll attract a more discerning tenant.

5 Curb appeal
Don’t get so caught up on the interior of the property that you neglect the overflowing bins, the squeaky gate and the broken doorbell – first impressions count.

6 Light bulbs
It’s a small detail but check that all the light bulbs work before you start viewings.

7 Internet
The capability for high-speed internet connection is a bonus – indeed it’s pretty much expected these days. If there’s a service provider already set up with a potential connection to the property, so much the better.

8 Hidden costs
Be upfront about costs – if you require a professional cleaning service at the end of the tenancy, make that clear from the outset.

9 Outside space
No one expects it if it’s not in the property details, but if your flat does come with a yard or garden make sure it’s presentable – this is a major selling point so sell it!

10 Versatility

If the property can be configured in different ways to suit different potential tenants, make this clear on viewings, and on the property details. For example, a second reception could be used as a bedroom.