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Is there a Magic Month to sell your Property?

Wednesday, 16th January 2013

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Author: Peter Barry

If you’re a developer with a newly refurbished property, or you’re a seller in a competitive market, it’s imperative that you choose the right agent to market your property and ensure it’s as viewer-friendly as possible. But it’s also important to pick the best time for your house to hit the marketplace. Clearing the clutter a month before you had planned to nail the ‘for sale’ sign to the fence, or holding off over a particularly quiet patch, could pay off in the long run and get you closer to your asking price.

Spring into action
Obviously, it’s not always feasible to hang around for the time of year when potential buyers will be queuing up outside estate agents’ doors for any new house details to come off the printing press. But if you can time your move to coincide with traditionally busy periods, you’ll get more viewers through the front door and – hopefully – more offers worth considering.

Spring is prime selling season: buyers crawl out of hibernation after hunkering down for winter; the sun starts shining, houses and gardens look lighter, brighter and full of life, and everyone is generally in a more optimistic mood. At the other end of the selling spectrum, the weeks leading up to Christmas see property details drift around like so many tumbleweeds, as house hunters use the internet for Christmas shopping, as opposed to property hunting. Once the feasibility of the ‘in before Christmas’ deadline has passed, buyers switch on the festive cheer and accept they’ll have to make do and mend until the New Year.

Schools out
Another notoriously tricky selling patch is the school summer holidays. Although deals can be done in August, a lot of people choose (or rather are forced through school dates) to take their main holiday during this time and thoughts of house buying are put firmly on the back burner. With kids running riot around the house, harassed parents have enough trouble juggling work and childcare, in between packing suitcases within budget airline weight restrictions. Property viewings are way down the list of priorities. If you can hold off over summer and get your house ready for sale once school is back, you should be able to capitalise on the backlog of summer viewings.

There’s no prescribed formula for the best time to market your property – and location, local demand and economic considerations will all have an impact. But, if you time it well, you can certainly maximise the number of viewings and give your property the best chance of selling success.