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What annoys tenants and landlords?

Friday, 3rd July 2015

Categories: Lettings Property Management

Author: Kris White

If you’re about to enter the property market as a tenant or landlord, it might be worth considering the results of a recent poll conducted by the landlord and tenant insurance provider Endsleigh. While both landlords and tenants have particular gripes about the other party, it seems they both essentially get annoyed about the same things. The survey questioned over 2,500 tenants and landlords in the UK and while tenants’ biggest complaint was that landlords don’t make repairs quickly enough (44%), landlords got most irate about tenants damaging property (29%).

Second on the list for tenants was unresponsive or evasive landlords (40%) but again, it seems that both sides have the same gripe, as 24% of landlords cited tenants not reporting issues or breakages as their second pet hate.

Judging by the high percentage of respondents that listed these issues, it seems fairly clear that communication and maintenance are a priority on both sides of the fence. Landlords want to know as soon as any problems arise so they can deal with them before they escalate, while tenants want to feel that their concerns are being taken seriously.

Of course, using the services of a professional and competent property manager like Peter Barry Estate Agents will ensure that a proactive approach is applied to a tenancy that will seek to identify issues before they escalate and become problems and will work quickly to resolve situations when they arise.

Many experienced tenants only look to rent properties that are being fully managed because they understand that issues that could become problems are better and more costs effectively handled under a fully managed tenancy. This benefits the landlord through having the best choice of good quality tenants available to them.

A good landlord-agent-tenant relationship works in favour of all parties: happy tenants are more likely to stay in a property for longer and look after the property well, which means less void periods and costs; a landlord with a good managing agent knows it is being taken care of and is maximising the return on their investment.