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Anyone for Tennis?

Thursday, 4th June 2015


Author: Kris White

Wimbledon is a highlight of the British sporting calendar but the Brits’ love of tennis can also be a financial bonus for anyone living near a tennis club. The prestigious event highlights the benefits of being in close proximity to excellent sporting facilities and the aftermath means that buyers will take extra note of properties that have tennis courts on their doorsteps.

Park life

Most tennis clubs, and indeed many sports clubs, are set in parks or grounds, which offer a leafy locale in a capital city – giving you the best of both worlds. The abundance of green space and sporting amenities is a fantastic selling point, as well as offering residents an improved quality of life. These green spaces will often be protected so the area won’t become overdeveloped and saturated with new-build property.

Famous faces

While Winchmore Hill is situated the other side of the river and a good 20 miles from the village enclave of the All England Club, the atmosphere, excitement and feel-good factor of the world’s best-known tournament certainly resonate here too. And, there’s no shortage of excellent clubs in the area – indeed Hazelwood Sports Club helped the likes of Jeremy Bates and Jo Dury reach the peak of their game, when they trained at the prestigious academy at the club. With Vicars Moor and Bush Hill Park clubs and sports centres also gracing the locale, this part of London has a lot to offer fans of the sport.

From sporty couples and families looking for top-quality facilities that don’t require a car journey, to ambitious players aiming for a spot on Centre Court, Winchmore Hill and the surrounding areas offer a great deal of choice when it comes to tennis and sports clubs. And, of course, any property close by can also hope to enjoy the equity increase that these valuable assets offer. The combination of green space and quality sports clubs can only be a bonus for homeowners and will feature highly on your property details, when the time comes to sell.

So, if you’re thinking of making a move to North London, there are plenty of positives to pull you in the direction of N21. And even if you’re not partial to a game, who doesn’t like the pleasant sound of tennis balls popping in the distance on a warm Saturday afternoon with a glass of Pimm’s in hand?