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Top Ten Tips to Nail a Sale

Tuesday, 23rd June 2015


Author: Kris White

The property market is still incredibly buoyant but you might have noticed a few more ‘for sale’ signs around the neighbourhood recently, as sellers finish their spring spruce-ups and get the agents round for a summer sale. If you find that you’re not the only house on the market in your street, you need to make sure potential buyers put your property at the top of their list by making it as appealing as possible.

With a number of similar properties in the same location to choose from, buyers can be fickle and will almost certainly want to have a nose around anything else that comes on the market before your purchase has completed. So, don’t give them any reason to cut loose and put an offer in elsewhere. Here’s our top ten tips to keep buyers interested.

  1. Price to sell – while you don’t want to give your house away for less than it’s worth, it makes sense to price at a level that achieves maximum interest and offers.
  2. Neutral appeal – some buyers will be looking to put their own stamp on a property but a lot of people simply want to move in and get on with life. Making your décor as neutral and fresh as possible gives the impression of minimum effort.
  3. Clear the clutter – it might sound obvious but if you keep your house clutter-free it will look more spacious and be a more appealing option than the house down the road with boxes stacked up in every room.
  4. Growing potential – be sure to mention that spacious loft or basement that’s just ripe for conversion. Buyers like to know they can add value, especially in a rising market.
  5. Noisy neighbours – you might get on really well with your neighbours but not everyone loves dogs and children and it could be worth bearing that in mind when viewings take place. If next door’s kids go outside to let off steam for an hour after school, that might not be the best time to show your home.
  6. Thrown in some extras – if you have any great gadgets or expensive appliances that you’re planning to leave behind, make sure you inform the agent. It all adds up and if buyers think they’re getting more for their money from your property, it could sway their decision to make an offer.
  7. Second viewing – if your buyers want to pop back for another viewing, try to be as accommodating as possible. That’s not to say you need to be on call every time they’re passing by but the practicalities of furnishings and measurements means another viewing or two might be necessary.
  8. Keep it clean – if your buyers live close by, it makes sense to keep the front of your house in tip-top condition. If they walk past and see litter decorating the front garden, or piles of dog mess on the pavement, they might begin to fall out of love with the neighbourhood.
  9. Organise your paperwork – guarantees, receipts, proof of work, legal documents…gather them all together to avoid conveyancing delays. The longer a sale drags on, the more likely your buyers are to start looking at other properties.
  10. Be affable – although your estate agent and solicitor will do most of the work, try to smooth the process by being available to answer queries and keeping calm when those last-minute questions come in!