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Rugby World Cup – A North London Connection

Tuesday, 8th September 2015

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World Cup fever will be spreading over England again soon but this time it’s Rugby that will be taking centre stage, with everyone keeping their fingers crossed that we’ll fare better than we did during the football tournament last year. As the host country of this sporting highlight, there will be even more excitement leading up to the tournament, with a greater number of fans able to watch live matches and London no doubt awash with England shirts on Twickenham match days.

Canny homeowners will be able to take advantage of short let opportunities in the run-up to, and during, the Rugby World Cup, with players, coaches and media all vying for space in the crowded capital. But although Twickenham will be in the spotlight, here in North London we’ve got more links to rugby than many other postcodes. The Saracens might currently train in the Allianz Park Stadium, but they used to hone their skills at Bramley Road in Southgate, and the club is now home to the Saracens Amateurs. The Saracens name is synonymous with the sport and this corner of the capital is extremely proud of its rugby heritage, with the area attracting fans and players due to the excellent facilities on offer.

N14 will be in the spotlight again in September when the tournament kicks off, as several Saracens players feature in the England team. With the club having such firm roots in the area, there will no doubt be a great deal of excitement as locals cheer on the Saracens in their bid for glory on the world stage.

While links to sporting greatness in themselves don’t send property prices escalating beyond reasonable ceiling prices, it all adds kudos to your postcode. And the combination of the Saracens’ legacy and the availability of top-class training facilities for rugby amateurs and enthusiasts certainly won’t do any harm to the asking price of property in the surrounding area. So, if you’re planning on putting your North London property on the market this year, make sure you maximise its sporting credentials by extolling the virtues of the local facilities and name-dropping the likes of George Kruis and Richard Wigglesworth when potential purchasers pop round for viewings.