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Mistakes to avoid when Showing Prospective Buyers your Property

Mistakes to avoid when Showing Prospective Buyers your Property

By Peter Barry

Once you’ve put your house on the market, it’s only natural to want a sale as soon as possible. It might be that you’ve already had an offer accepted on another property, or you’re relocating, or looking to release equity. But, it’s important to stay focused and remember that every viewing is a potential sale. Whether you’re a natural salesperson or not, you need to put yourself in the buyers’ shoes and show off your property at its best. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when you show potential buyers around your pad.

Don’t seem Desperate
Potential buyers might have dozens of properties lined up to view and the merest hint of desperation could knock £1000s off any offer they might make. If you come across as desperate to sell, you’ve immediately given them the upper hand. The fact that your house is on the market means you want to move but always appear reluctant to sell.

De-clutter and Clean up
Whilst all potential buyers are wise to the old freshly baked bread and brewed coffee trick, there’s a lot to be said for making a property inviting. If potential buyers walk into a homely, inviting space they will find it easier to imaging themselves living there. Too much clutter makes rooms seem smaller, whilst mess and dirt gives the impression that you don’t care about your house and can send warning signals about what else might be wrong with it.

Don’t Forget to Sell the Local Area
Do you live near a train station, local amenities, or good schools? If so, don’t be shy about mentioning this. Try and suss out the likes and needs of your potential buyers and sell your local area accordingly. For example, if they arrive with their kids, mention the great park down the road and the family nature of the street. If it’s a young couple, nice local restaurants might be a good selling point.

Have a Good Reason for Moving
Noisy neighbours or a local crime problem are not going to encourage people to make an offer so make sure you know exactly why you’re moving. It might be a job offer in another town or city, or maybe you’re looking to upsize or downsize.