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Watch out for your Windows

Watch out for your Windows

By Peter Barry

When it comes to selling your property it is important to remember that first impressions really count. You may have de-cluttered, filled the rooms with fresh flowers or even baked bread but don’t forget, you will need to frame all this hard work with as much natural light as possible. Your windows are the eyes into your house. Make sure they are as clear and sparkling as they can be!

Squeaky Clean

First, make sure your windows are clean, inside and out before viewings. Insides you can do yourself using vinegar or washing up liquid.  Externally it may be easiest to pay a professional to do the outside, especially for the highest windows.

Solving Sticky Sliding Sash Windows

Timber sash windows can be a real selling point in period property, but they can also let you down if they have any obvious problems. The main reason for sticking is a result of a messy paint job that has dried and literally sealed the window in place. You can remove the paint carefully with a knife making sure you sand down and tidy up afterwards.

If the problem still persists, rub some wax or oil into the frame, hinges and all interior and pulley systems to ensure it’s loose enough to move smoothly. This should make your windows run super smoothly.

Fixing Rot in Wooden Windows

Any outdoor timber products can have issues with rot but as long as the rot damage is purely superficial, fixing this should be no problem.  You should first ensure that you clean the area thoroughly and remove any debris before applying a wood hardener. If the damage is more extensive then it is advisable that you have the entire sash window removed in order to chemically strip and sand down the remains so you can reuse the parts you wish to keep.

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