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New Year (Selling) Resolutions

New Year (Selling) Resolutions

By Peter Barry

Clear the clutter

The beginning of the year is definitely a time for indoor jobs and there’s nothing more satisfying than filling up a heap of refuse sacks with unwanted ‘stuff’. This can double up as a post-Christmas clear out and it’s the ideal excuse to banish the junk in the name of clutter-free viewings. It’s amazing the amount of broken toys, outgrown kids clothes, unwanted books, gifts and bits of tech you can accumulate over a few years under one roof. As a general rule, if you’ve forgotten about it, or haven’t had desperate need of it for over a year, you won’t miss it when it’s gone.

Spring clean

We’re not talking about dusting the shelves once the deccies are down – a proper spring clean will involve a bit of light DIY as well. This could be anything from touching up paintwork and replacing mouldy silicone, to fixing down squeaky floorboards and changing dead light bulbs. If you’re not up to the job, or don’t have the time, employ a handyman for a day or two and get all the snagging done in one hit. It will be well worth the money, as your house will look shipshape for estate agent photo sessions and will be ready to welcome potential buyers.

Financial matters

If you’re really keen to get your house on the market in the New Year, it’s worth giving your finances a makeover as well. Find out exactly how much is outstanding on your mortgage, and what you might be able to afford to spend on your next home. You should also research solicitors and have one ready to go for when that offer comes in.

Just a little time and effort could see your house ready to be let loose on the marketplace, and you’ll be ahead of the game when it comes to New Year sellers.