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Is your Home Ready for Winter?

Is your Home Ready for Winter?

By Charlotte Delph

We’ve been lulled into a false sense of security in the UK this year with the unusually clement autumn. However, while we’ve been busy sipping alfresco cappuccinos and keeping the summer wardrobe to hand, winter has been quietly creeping up on us and is set to hit with a vengeance any day soon.

Just as we all love to spring clean our homes to freshen them up after months of central heating and the accumulation of hibernation debris, so we should be preparing our properties for the onslaught of colder climes and making sure we’re ready to face everything that the weather gods have to throw at us.

Bleed radiators

If, like many households, you haven’t had cause to crank up the central heating yet, now is a good time to bleed all the radiators and heated towel rails in your property. Air can build up in the system and this can restrict the flow of hot water around the pipes. Don’t wait for that Arctic cold snap to realise there’s a problem – check them now and you’ll be toasty all winter. You might also consider a boiler service by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

De-clutter your gutters

Leaves are carpeting the ground at the moment and as soon as you sweep them up and throw them away, they seem to magically reappear. While it’s great to have a leaf-free lawn and driveway, your time would be better spent climbing a ladder and removing the leaves from the gutters around your house. If they’re left to build up they will eventually mulch down and can have a serious impact on your drainage. Gutters will overflow and you might find you’re walking through Niagara Falls every time you walk out of the front door. Again, this is a simple (if unpleasant) job to do now but it will save you a lot of hassle further into winter.

Check your ventilation

Condensation can be the bane of the UK house but it’s fairly easy to avoid. It tends to manifest itself during the colder months, as windows are shut, the heating is on and moisture has little chance of escaping. If you have trickle vents in walls or windows, check these are clear, or consider installing some if you have persistent condensation. It’s important to keep rooms aired during the winter to stop moisture build-up, so make a point of opening windows for a period every day – especially those in the kitchen and bathroom where temperatures fluctuate more and where there is likely to be more moisture. Read more here.